From Bob Foschi

"Great Quality, Good Price, Fast Delivery - Other companies struggle to achieve only 2 of these...Foschi gives you all 3!"

Experienced Developers

For over 53 years, Foschi Construction Corp. has established itself as one of the leading mid-size general contracting and design/build firms in the New York Tri-State area.

Working With Foschi

The Commercial Construction Process


Expediting Permits & Zoning

As a first step, Foschi Construction works to get the right permits and researches zoning laws to see that the project can be coordinated properly between the building departments and the city/state. Building exclusively in the New York Tri-state area, New York City, and Long Island, Foschi Construction has extensive experience with city and state codes and guidelines, which ensures a smoother and more efficient building process.


Design & Engineering

With in-house Professional Engineers, Foschi Construction accomplishes getting drawings stamped and filed directly. With an efficient system in place, project time is reduced and, ultimately, the project’s budget. Foschi Construction understands building, and coupled with quality and value engineering produces a greatly improved final product. Foschi Construction gets drawings approved by the building departments and, early in the design process, provides value engineering to cut the costs of build-outs, structural and mechanical systems, and material selection.


Scheduling Projects

From beginning to end, Foschi Construction provides detailed steps and accurate scheduling to help coordination between owner, architect and contractors. As the backbone to any organization, scheduling is an important and often overlooked step in the building process. Foschi Construction understands that communication between the client and contractor is essential to keep a project moving forward on time. Scheduling provides a basis for discussion and keeps efficient coordination in place so the project stays within the set budget.


Quality Control

As a final step to any project, Foschi Construction coordinates any walk-throughs and quality assurance so that exacting standards are met that are set forth at the initial step. Each step of a project is looked over with great scrutiny and care. Punch Listing is done at this stage and final scheduling is put in place for a completion date. Foschi Construction’s years of experience in Commercial Construction ensures that the final space not only meets a client’s exacting standards, but exceeds them.