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Planting Fields – Catalyst 2023 Installation

Planting Fields Arboretum has always had a special place in our hearts. There are over 400 acres at this State Historic Park in Oyster Bay, NY. The grounds includes Coe Hall, which is on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

The Foschi Family has been enjoying the arboretum since we discovered it 43 years ago.

Here are (2) two photos of Bob Foschi and John Paul Foschi on the grounds and in the Main Greenhouse at Planting Fields some 41 years ago!

Bob has been on the board of Planting Fields Foundation for the last 10 years.

Planting Fields was in need of some assistance with getting this years temporary Catalyst Installation completed in order for the artist Courtney M. Leonard to install her work BREACH: Logbook 23 I ROOT. Foschi Construction Corp. was more than happy to help them out.

As quoted from the exhibition’s brochure: “ROOT features two main design themes-whales and root cellars. The shape of the shipping container structure itself is meant to evoke the body of a whale. As you enter through the jaws of a Northern Right Whale, you move through the whale’s body. Through these motifs, ROOT explores themes of food and cultural sovereignty, as well as ongoing ecological issues that endanger the Shinnecock Nation and our global waterways.”

The Exhibit will be in place from June 2023-July 2024. We hope you get to experience it and Planting Fields in person-it’s worth the trip.

Kitchen Renovation – “There is no place like home”

Foschi Construction Corp. recently completed this spectacular Kitchen Renovation that includes a Breakfast Room, Mudroom, Powder Room, and Butler’s Pantry.  We couldn’t wait to share it with you.

This older elegant home in one of Long Islands most beautiful neighborhoods needed a larger kitchen for a growing family.

These home owners love to entertain. With all the updated appliances, this kitchen will be able to service two people for a romantic dinner, or an extended family Thanksgiving or wedding, and any occasion in between! The new Kitchen & Butler’s Pantry includes a double wall oven, convention steam oven, two kitchen sinks, one pantry sink, two dish washers, double fridge/freezer drawers, refrigerator column, freezer column, Miele coffee machine, wine cooler, ice maker, eight burner gas range, under the counter microwave, and a massive new island.

Then there is the new southern exposed Breakfast Room extension, with expansive Pella windows with transoms above, and a 12’ wide slider opening to the rear yard pool patio & BBQ. Both the Breakfast Room and Mudroom have new hydronic radiant floors below the tile flooring, and a new dedicated HVAC system. The powder room has electric radiant heated floors as well.

The Breakfast Room has spectacular backyard views. The home owners will get to enjoy all the seasons. They’ll see flowers blooming in spring, the pool glistening in summer, leaves falling from the trees in autumn and snow coming down in winter! This room is the perfect space to put your feet up and read a good book.

We have a feeling this family will be spending lots of time in this extraordinary space!

1910 Gold Coast Gem Gets a 2021 “New Old Addition”

Demolition Drone Video by: @longislanddroneguys


Project Completion Video by: @kittydadiphotography

Written By: John Paul M. Foschi, VP

First off, this is no ordinary home, this is an original 1910 Harrie T. Lindeberg fine piece of art work.  With so few H.T. masterpieces scattered around the country, and a huge cult following, the undertaking of adding or renovating to one of these masterpieces comes with massive responsibility from all involved.

The overall goal for the owners, architect, builder and subcontractors was to seamlessly blend old and new, so H.T. would be proud to still call it a work of art.  Adding to the already challenging task of accomplishing this, the architect designed two wings coming off the existing East end of the “rectangular home” at 135 degrees.  Looks simple in 2D, but the added complexity of these angles at multiple intersections is not for the novice builder, think structure tie in, framing, roofing, waterproofing, material joints/joining, transitions of flooring materials, odd molding cuts/angles, traversing plumbing waste lines thru/around/to and from source. Endless considerations to take into account.

Lastly, the owners wanted to live in the existing home during the renovation and extension.  We tried our best to make them as comfortable as possible, kudos to them for managing through it all.

There were 6 critical components to this project:

  • A solid team from day 1: Our focus from day one was to build a team long before we built anything.  Every sub and supplier we signed on for this project knew the importance and complexity of this build, and the goal to bring true craftsmanship every day.  Without our trusted subs, this project would not have been a success.
  • Nailing the Foundation: a mixture of full height footings/foundation walls for an added basement entry, slab on grades, and pitched garage slabs with 6’’ step down from the new finished floor. Some top of foundations walls had brick shelves, some had reverse brick shelves for joist framing, some were flat top of wall.  Nailing the elevations, angles, and details was critical.
  • Framing & structure: The complexity of the framing and structure was predicated on tying the 135-degree wings back into a main rectangle, creating a ridge diaphragm, and transferring the complex floor & roof loads back down to the foundation.  There were a myriad of headers and columns tying in and dropping down.  One small detail that may be overlooked, but is important to point out and challenging to frame, are the flared hip dormers.  This was an homage to H.T.’s brilliant flared dormers of the past.  It certainly brings his “flare” to this new build, further emphasizing the “old world” feel of a new addition.
  • Matching the existing Clinker Brick: A clinker brick is an over cooked brick, which was typical back in the day of wood fired “bee hive” kilns due to the lack of control of the heating source.  The bricks closest to the heat source would cook faster and take on a bubbling/deformed shape, as well as change in color.  While most of these “clinkers” were tossed in a pile, H.T. found the unusual organic look of the clinker brick intriguing, and suited his unusual design details, emphasizing his brand.  While these may have been in abundance in the 1800-early 1900’s, they are not today, due to advanced gas kilns that cook evenly to reduce waste.  There is however, one company left in the NE making them the old school way, Stiles & Hart just outside of Boston, Ma. We made a trip there to visit the site, brick manufacturing, and see what could work.  We ended up selecting 4 of their brick options;
    • S & H Clinker
    • Charcoal Water Struck
    • Charcoal sanded
    • hidden in the back of their yard was a pile of gnarly, exploded, black/purple “blokes” left to rot away in the weeds (they ended up being feature “halves” thrown in randomly on the facade to match the existing bloke features).

    We added in a 5th brick from another manufacturer and created a blend to match the existing, as well as, a custom mortar mix to match the existing mortar.  We also did a very surgical removal of the existing clinker bricks in the area of new work prior to the major demo.  These salvaged old bricks were used exclusively at the front facade toothing old to new, so there was no chance of batched transition.  We also used these salvaged bricks at the rear joint toothing old to new and “feathered” out with the new blend.  Overall, we are thrilled with the finished product.

  • Hand split cedar shakes: Like most projects, you need to balance the budget to make sure you can get across the finish line.  Additionally, the owners may have been hesitant that matching the existing on all of the new facades could not be fully accomplished to their standards.  For these reasons, the majority of the new facades received heavy (3/4’’-1’’) kin dried hand split cedar shakes with approx. 8’’ exposure.  They were stained in the field by the owners painter, and ultimately provided the rustic look the owners wanted to achieve blending with the brick.  This was all Jennifer, she had a vision, and it totally works, she nailed it.
  • Plumbing & HVAC: Always a challenge in a reno, and again the complexity of the 135-degree wings adds to the challenge.  From day one, having a game plan for how waste, water and ductwork were going to get to and from sources was an integral part of the build.   If the clients are not comfortable living in a piece of art work, then you failed.

Three questions we routinely asked ourselves:

  • What would H.T. do?
  • Would H.T. be proud of the work on one of his masterpieces?
  • Does this align with the client’s vision?

At the end of the day, we always satisfied these questions.  We exhausted options, and dialed in on quality.  The finished product speaks for itself, and no one individual desires the credit, this was truly the culmination of a great team (owner, architect, designer, builder, high quality subcontractors and suppliers).  While some to most owners solely look at price as a driving factor, I would encourage all to focus on the team, trust, and relationship first and the price second.

I don’t care what the price is, if you don’t have trust in your team, it’s going to be a rocky road.

Foschi Construction Corp. selected to luxe interiors + design Gold List 2021

luxe interiors + design has released their Gold List 2021 edition, and Foschi Construction Corp has been selected for excellence in Greater New York! We are honored to be featured, and are excited to share the magazine with you below.


Click on each photo below to see the full page and read the details.








Foschi Construction Corp. featured in luxe. interiors + design March/April 2020 Magazine for a Home Renovation Project

We are very happy to share with you this luxe. interiors + design magazine New York March/April 2020 article that features Foschi Construction Corp. as the builder. It was a great collaboration between the homeowners, the interior designer, the various building trades and Foschi Construction Corp. Take a look at the article below!  Thank you to luxe. magazine for featuring us, it was a pleasure to work on this wonderful project!


Click onto each photo below to see the full page and read the details.














Giving Back – Building Homes for Heroes

image1-17Foschi Construction Corp. has performed many pro-bono community service projects. Recently, we were contacted by John Reid, Administration Manager and Kimberly Vesey, Vice President and General Counsel for Building Homes for Heroes, who build, renovate and gift homes for our most deserving veterans.


They found a location for their New York Headquarters in Island Park, NY. The space needed to be renovated to accommodate the growing volunteer staff that Homes for Heroes now requires.


Foschi Construction Corp. is honored to be able to help this great organization, in particular because our youngest son and brother is an active-duty Naval Special Warfare Officer, and we understand the sacrifice our brave men and women who serve make on behalf of our nation.


We worked closely with Architect Arnold S. Montag R.A. of AM/PM Design & Consulting, P.C. and interior designer Christine Ambers of Habitech Planning & Design, Inc. Working with these other professionals who all had their hearts in the right place made it an enjoyable, rewarding experience and the outcome reflects it.


Building Homes for Heroes, a Long Island-based nonprofit organization that gifts mortgage-free home to injured veterans nationwide, began demolition on its new office space on Austin Boulevard in Island Park on June 27, 2019. The organization’s founder and CEO is Andy Pujol ( back row, fourth from left). Building Homes for Heroes beneficiaries, vendors and contractor (Bob Foschi, P.E. last person on the right) gathered to celebrate the first day of the demolition.


Building Homes for Heroes


Mission Statement: Building Homes for Heroes is strongly committed to rebuilding lives and supporting the brave men and women who were injured while serving the country during the time of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The Organization builds or modifies homes, and gifts them, mortgage-free, to veterans and their families. It’s our honor to support the men and women who have loyally and courageously served our country.


NY Headquarters

4584 Austin Blvd.
Island Park, NY  11558
(516) 387-5318


FL Headquarters

3333 McCoy Rd.
Orlando, FL   32812
(407) 803-5398


Passive House Building Walkthrough Video

Foschi Construction is certified and trained to build Passive House homes and buildings. Passive House construction is the world’s best and most demanding energy efficient building standard. Reducing energy demands by 80%-90%, saving owners thousands of dollars in energy costs. Through comprehensive training and testing by the Passive House Institute, Foschi Construction has become one of the first Internationally Certified Passive House Tradesman in the United States

Foschi Construction Corp. restores a 1901 brownstone in Brooklyn Heights, NY

Foschi Construction Corp. recently restored a 1901 brownstone in Brooklyn Heights, New York. The owners realized it was time to update this four story building and give it some TLC, which Foschi Construction Corp. was happy to provide. The final product is a stylish mix of modern updates and stunning historic ornamentation. Among other things, Foschi Construction Corp. restored the original flooring and wood detail motifs and gave salvaged pieces new life.



This beautiful apartment also got an up-to-date kitchen, updated bathrooms and an air conditioning system, which had been lacking. Although you wouldn’t expect it from the sleek modern lines in these photos, this room used to be a bathroom that was in poor shape. The bathroom was moved to a different location and the kitchen was built from scratch. For a contemporary look, Foschi Construction Corp. used mostly furnishings and materials with crisp, straight lines. The Caesarstone espresso countertops contrast richly with the smooth cream cabinetry and the tiled backsplash in an urban putty matt color. Brown floor tiles that were installed throughout the space blend perfectly with the maple cabinetry.







This kitchen has an original window that used to be in the dining room. The window was replaced with a new door leading to a spectacular addition-a full width balcony.  



Our clients wanted to put an air conditioning system in this “mature” building. Foschi Construction Corp. installed a new Ductless Multi-Split Air Conditioning system. This system does not require ducts helping to preserve the beauty and charm of this historic brownstone. The Ductless Multi-Split Air Conditioning is quiet and the A/C unit in each room can be controlled separately for different temperatures.






Foschi Construction Corp. also transformed an old basement bathroom into a functional mudroom with linen white walls and red mahogany flooring.





 The narrow, rugged, dark hallway was converted into a fresh and larger looking space. Foschi Construction Corp. used light colors for this entrance hallway to create a bright reflective look and make use of the natural daylight. The pale paints along with new light fixtures give the space an uplifting feeling. The new wood floors throughout the lower level and the hall give a clean-cut, continuous flow to the space.  




Finding a balance between old and new may not be easy, yet this project shows that it can be achieved with Foschi Construction Corp.’s intelligent, cost-effective design and superior craftsmanship. After incorporating various modern updates, Foschi Construction Corp. transformed this historic brownstone full of intricate details, into an aesthetically unique and truly functional home.

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